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Living with dentures

Dentures can help you get back to the real you.

Once you’ve adjusted to your new dentures, you’ll be able to eat, laugh, dance, and live life just like you used to.

And you'll look like you again. Missing teeth can cause your face to sink and make you look older. Dentures support the facial muscles so they look firm and taut.


Keeping your oral health in tip-top shape

Taking care of your dentures

Keeping your dentures clean and in great shape is a really important part of your day.

Dentures are about 10x softer than natural teeth. Using a traditional toothbrush and toothpaste can cause micro-scratches on the surface, creating the perfect environment for bacteria and other microorganisms to grow.

Unlike toothpaste, Poligrip® Daily Cleanser for Dentures; are non-abrasive and kill 99.9% of odour-causing bacteria; and other microorganisms*, helping to keep your dentures clean, and your mouth healthy.

*in laboratory tests


Food for thought

Just because you wear dentures doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your favourite foods. However, you may want to try taking things slowly to start with if you’re new to dentures. If you’re patient you’ll soon see that eating with dentures is nothing to worry about. 

Try these handy eating and drinking tips:

  • Start off with denture-friendly foods like liquids, soups and soft desserts.
  • Once you feel more confident, move on to a wider variety of foods like eggs, fish, cheese, chopped meat, cooked vegetables and ice cream.
  • Stewing or slow cooking meat makes it more tender and easier to chew.
  • Try poultry or fish, and build up to red meat which can be trickier.

Indulge in all your favourite foods – just like before

Whether it’s as simple as butter melting down the side of a corncob, or a complicated secret family recipe, everyone’s got foods that they love. But because bits can get under your denture and cause irritation, it can spoil your enjoyment of them. With Poligrip® Denture Fixative Creams small seeds, crusty breads and nuts aren’t off the menu, as they help seal out food particles, so you can get stuck in.

Keep in mind that even though denture fixatives can help you eat more of the foods you enjoy, try to avoid very hard or chewy foods.

It’s not just what you eat; it’s how you eat it:

  • Try to balance food evenly in your mouth when you chew, so your dentures stay secure when you’re eating.
  • Chew slowly and try not to bite down with your front teeth.
  • Hot food will take a bit of getting used to as your mouth won’t be able to sense heat as it did before.

The problem with brushing

Did you know that dentures are about 10x softer than natural teeth?

That’s why cleaning them with regular toothpaste can cause abrasions where bacteria can grow and multiply.

We have created denture cleansers with a gentle, non –abrasive formulation that helps to clean dentures in a better way than brushing with regular toothpaste.

Poligrip® Daily Cleansers for Dentures kill 99.9% of odour causing bacteria* and help remove plaque and stains** leaving your denture looking and feeling cleaner, fresher and brighter.

*In laboratory tests.

**When used as directed.

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